Youth as Gold


by Youth as Gold

Released 2016
Released 2016
70's style rock and roll with a touch of modern indie rock
Youth as Gold is a band from Atlanta, Georgia that was formed in 2016 by Dillon Wilson (guitar/vocals), and Kyle Henshaw (drums). The band began as a by-product of Wilson’s indie-folk outfit “The Lonely After All” which he debuted in 2014 alongside Henshaw and other members. Friends since high school, the two followed and supported each other's musical endeavors throughout their years there. When Wilson's band crashed, post-graduation, he moved closer to Atlanta and spent the next five years experimenting and writing/recording in his bedroom. Henshaw continued to expand his technique while growing a following on youtube, and steadily putting together his home studio. When Wilson approached Henshaw in late 2015 with the idea of a new project, they were knee deep in a collection of classic rock cassettes that they had picked up from a local thrift store. Soon after, they began the long process of re-composing and recording the near-40 song repertoire of demos that Wilson had written over the years. "Honey" is the first fruits of that undertaking. Recorded in their spare time between home studios. Boasting a sound that blends 70’s rock and indie rock, they have gained favor amidst the trending appreciation for lo-fi indie artists and the DIY crusade.